Calli of the Day

Introducing Calli the Kitten. She's 3 kitteh years of crazy rambunctious feline frenzy. And VERY cute. Her human Heidi has been taking photos of Calli almost every day since she came to live with her. Friends suggested a 'photo a day' series and the rest is history. Originally posted on facebook, the photo of the day is going public on tumblr.

Permalink Pink nose, pink toes.
Permalink Cuddles.
Permalink Mope.
Permalink a WHAT??!
Permalink Wedge.
Permalink Mask
Permalink Sharing.
Permalink Wink.
Permalink Droopy.
Permalink Belly warmer.
Permalink When kittehs take selfies.
Permalink Open sez us!?
Permalink Spot lit.
Permalink Blended.
Permalink It moved, so I attacked it.